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Experience, bold, entrepreneurial experienced hiring solutions to meet the talent need of every organization.

Academia & Education

Globalization has changed the way organisations function. There are new opportunities, emergent roles, and cutting edge competition. This means that the educational institution also has to reinvent itself and gear up to meet the global needs of an evolving work environment. Education has evidently gone global since colleges/universities are attracting the students from across the world.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

TLI partners with universities, schools, and e-learning organisations around the world to identify the best professors, administrators, and researchers who are tuned into the dynamic world of business. Our consultants are aware of the dynamics of academia as well as that of different industries, a perspective that is invaluable to our clients in the academic industry in accessing and capturing the best talent, internationally


Today’s digitally enabled consumer is smart, discerning, and expects premium service as changing lifestyles and blurring boundaries have shifted perspectives. The world celebrates individualism and choice. The advertising and entertainment industry needs to keep all of these aspects in mind and constantly evolve with the consumer’s needs as well as global trends. The industry needs leaders who can build management teams and motivate the audience to view, engage, and connect across multiple platforms to drive success.

We see a compelling need for creative talent strategies that are laterally, flexibly, and globally oriented. Existing platforms must be leveraged while new ones created and embraced — all the while driving revenue, responding to consumer demands, and balancing risk.  We know that the industry is in search of leaders who can combine vision and digital and traditional media experience with the ability to create strong competitive teams.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

TLI Knowledge’s globally experienced consultants bring the expertise required to help you hire leaders who can face new challenges and keep up with emerging business models. We offer a full suite of hiring

solutions, including:
  • Senior management search
  • Strategic search

So far, we have successfully partnered with some of the most innovative global digital players and prestigious traditional media and entertainment companies.

Aerospace & Defense

With increasing spending and demand for new aircraft as well as changing economies and technologies, the global aerospace and defence sector is witnessing significant transformations. A visible power shift from developed countries in North America and Europe to developing countries in the Middle East and Asia, including India, has kept market dynamics in flux and created a growing need for efficiency and speed in this sector.

In response, companies are looking for exceptional international leaders who can innovate and proactively lead in times of uncertainty, have high multicultural awareness, deep and influential commercial and government relationships, and are tech savvy.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our expertise allows you more access to such experienced professionals who bring not just industry knowledge but are also well acquainted with political and economic scenarios across the world. With the help of our experienced consultants you can attract and retain leaders who influence and drive development and energise transitions taking your organization to the next level of success.

Automotive & Auto Components

The global automotive industry is one of the biggest employers of human resources and also one of the most affected by market trends in technology and innovation, regulatory fluctuations and environmental changes. Filled with challenges at all levels, the automotive industry is a complex minefield that can be strategically navigated to yield profits.

Companies in this sector are thus always looking for executives who have a global profile that boasts broad skill sets, experience in dealing with multiple challenges, and who possess in-depth knowledge of not just the industry, but also of the peripheral sectors that have an impact on it.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We help you attract top talent who are adept at managing risk and economic uncertainty, two constant factors in the automotive industry. We understand the global talent gap that companies face due to a shifting marketplace and we partner with you to address the needs specific to culling automotive leadership talent.

Big Data

Knowledge is power and that’s why Big Data is so critical to businesses. It is an explosion of highly valuable information that needs to be managed optimally to get the best results. Big Data analytics is now increasingly becoming a critical component of go-to-market strategies in organisations. With ready access to mega data centres and the capability to leverage the power of Big Data, companies, both large and small, are competing on what is increasingly a level playing field.

Organisations are now recognising the immense potential of Big Data and are realizing the importance of having Big Data specialists on their team. But it’s not all about number crunching and statistics. Data scientists also need to be strong leaders who can pull out the most relevant information out of big chunks of data and process it to give the organization a new direction, which calls for robust managerial and strategic skills.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

TLI Knowledge helps you identify the best data specialists who possess the requisite skill sets to shift your organization into the next level of growth. We can provide a platform where individuals with the vital blend of incisive management insights and statistical genius can meet the right organization to use and develop their strength. The right Big Data specialist can smoothly merge into the leadership team and provide business counsel and insights on the company’s future.

Chemical & Process Industries

Chemical and process industries form the backbone of daily life through the products we use. But despite its important place in the global business structure, these industries have lagged in adopting new technologies, business models, and broader attitudes in hiring top personnel. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), for “some chemicals firms, the problem is manifested in over investments in specialty chemicals businesses… (While) other companies have been too myopic, cutting costs in specialty lines that would actually benefit from more nurturing, innovation, and focused investment.”

To recognize these problems and adapt to changing standards of business, the chemical and process industries need to focus on improving their manufacturing strategies, aggressively pursue growth opportunities in emerging and nascent markets, form partnerships, and drive expansion.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our consultants have a solid background in the industrial sector and we aim to leverage their deep expertise and network to help you find the right candidate. We will map out and refer individuals who will not just fit in with the job profile but also with the organization.

Construction, Infra & Engg

Construction, infrastructure, and engineering services form a major part of the industrial sector. These sectors are booming in emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. New constructions and renovations are relentless as infrastructure remains a priority for emerging economies. The construction, infrastructure, and engineering services sector attracts high investment and creates a high volume of opportunities.

What is required in this sector are leaders who understand the business impact of emerging markets, the scope of the value chain from investment, engineering and design, procurement, construction, and project management to operations and maintenance.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our global practice focuses on helping our clients to attract, develop and retain diversified talent with unique skill sets for tackling the special needs of the construction, infrastructure, and engineering services sectors. That would mean executives with experience in project management, procurement, materials management, and quality control apart from technical know-how and business skills.

Financial Services

In developed countries, the financial services industry has been facing multiple issues ever since the economic crisis of 2008. These issues hinge around continuing regulatory hurdles, improvements in business models, and ramping up of technology integration. Firms are constantly seeking to improve client experiences as client demographics change with the economy. In developing countries, demand for financial services is growing and the market is throwing innumerable opportunities for the BFSI sector.

While managing the risks (regulatory issues, recession, etc.) and opportunities, global companies are seeking the talent possessing deep financial services experience, a global vision, and thorough industry knowledge.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our consultants offer their expertise so that you are always ahead of fluctuations and competitors, enabling you to grab every opportunity in the Financial Services industry. We are aware that you require talent that will be an asset to your organization in terms of productivity as well as long lasting relationships. We will identify leaders who demonstrate the competency required along with desired personality traits as well as behavioural characteristics. We will work with you to assess your talent requirements and help you acquire the best global resources that suit your present and future business needs.


People’s lives and the healthcare sector have a unique relationship, in that they directly and mutually affect one another in various ways. Some of the current issues in the healthcare industry include increasing population, growing costs, and providing services targeted at the aging population. With governments playing stronger roles in the sector, healthcare professionals have a lot to juggle in their jobs.

Healthcare is not all about doctors and nurses. It is just like any other industry, requiring leaders with a vision, managers with lateral thinking, and top talent with broad experience. This sector is constantly evolving and is a dynamic mix of change led by new science and new technologies.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Since we recognize the need of the hour in the healthcare industry, our consultants can offer practical advice on talent management. We will engage with you to help you meet your expectations of senior management for your company, to the best level possible. Our experienced consultants have healthcare expertise and are able to identify leadership potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energise transitions.


Today’s traveller is a mature, aware, and technologically enabled individual. The hospitality industry needs to constantly reinvent itself to meet changing expectations of high quality service. The Asian market in particular, has aggressively nurtured its hospitality industry to meet global standards and welcome travellers ranging from backpackers to jet setting executives. The steady streams of new entrants rise of technology and investments have spurred professionals in the industry to change and set new standards for themselves.

Achieving operational excellence and providing quality service at low costs form the cornerstones of the hospitality industry and this is our priority as we connect with talent. Successful professionals in this industry will need to understand different cultures, markets, economies, and technologies, and formulate targeted strategies and growth plans accordingly.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our consultants in the hospitality practice understand that the top management in this industry need to possess out-of-the-box thinking, entrepreneurial persistence, and other competencies that are invaluable to achieving P&L growth in this sector. With our broad network across markets and experience in handling assignments in this sector, we are in a highly advantageous position to help you find the right individual for your organization. 

IT Software

As digitisation transforms the world, the future will belong to technology enterprises that transcend rigid and limiting concepts of products, networks, and services to deliver the most innovative, competitive solutions. This segment represents a diverse set of companies – encompassing a wide range of products and services across computing systems, packaged software, cloud service providers – as well as enterprise service/solutions providers in IT & Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing.  With an extremely high evolutionary rate, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud based computing is fast eclipsing traditional ERP solutions. Analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) expects investment in SaaS solutions to touch $78 billion by 2016, double the amount of what it is today.

Working in a dynamic sector such as this requires the ability to constantly transform and adapt to changing scenarios. It also requires the ability to anticipate and identify competitors and gain insights into their actions.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

As boundaries blur with technology, we help you find the consummate IT professional who can put your organization ahead of the competition. Our team of consultants help you navigate the complexity and scale of the technology industry by scouting for the best senior talent who can make your organization gain visibility on the global map. Our practice focuses on helping software companies attract and retain the best talent, a crucial factor in this attrition-prone industry

IT Infrastructure

IT Systems and Infrastructure encompasses the design, application, and cost effective usage of software and hardware, which helps enable a smooth workflow in business. With companies on an expansion mode, the complexity of its IT Systems and Infrastructure varies widely from one organization to another.

There is much demand for professionals who have broad knowledge of IT networks, infrastructure, and communications. These professionals must design/implement/support/ deliver all IT systems/solutions/services as well as drive overall performance. The world has a few hubs (Ex: India, US, etc) with great IT professionals and they are global/mobile. Attracting these global IT skills is a big challenge for any organization and that’s where we come in.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Take advantage of our global network along with our expertise in seeking out those rare technical professionals who are mobile and available for discussions. We also give you access to those new and emerging, young executives who are dynamic and possess fresh thinking capabilities. Driven and ready for challenges, they will make great team members as well as leaders.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences is a sector where innovation and growth means saving more lives. Strategic planning to anticipate and address challenges in the near future is the top most priority. According to a report by Deloitte, there are four trends that will shape the path of global Life Sciences in 2015 – “searching for innovation and growth; changing regulatory and risk environment; preserving and building shareholder value; and preparing for the ‘next wave’.”

With priorities like these, it is crucial for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to target tactical M&A’s, improve R&D/technology, and seek market and government approvals for expansion.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We know that a solid senior management makes all the difference. We leverage our experience to help you find the strongest global leaders and even create a talent pipeline. We are aware that you need people with the ability to create markets for your products, expand into new economies, and manage various regulatory bodies amongst other capabilities. We have the functional and industry experience to help you achieve this.


The global manufacturing industry is as prone to economic volatility as any other industry. But antiquated business models, operating processes, and supply chain structures continue to plague the sector. However, now manufacturers are opening their minds and businesses to changes in technology, innovations and newer ways to reduce costs.

Intense competition and need for investment means that manufacturers need to form more partnerships. They need to move with speed to push product innovations and improve performance

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We help you achieve these priorities by offering our expertise and industry know-how. We are aware that you require senior executives who can proactively expand your global footprint and make you part of the changing face of manufacturing.

Oil & Energy

The Oil and Energy industry constantly faces one of the biggest challenges – that of relentless rising demand. Close on the heels of that challenge is another one – that of wildly fluctuating prices. Strategic planning, risk management, and regulatory and environmental pressures have to be surmounted every day, calling for extraordinary measures for coping with stress from industry professionals.

CEOs and other top executives in the Oil and Energy industry are aware that uncertainties need to be turned into something advantageous, that the hunt for alternative energy sources never stops, and it’s an industry where a new project takes a long time to develop and yield results. It’s a patience game that requires running against the clock to make profits.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our consultants are industry experts who follow Oil and Energy trends closely so that you receive informed assistance in your search for the perfect candidate. We ensure that the candidate’s personality profile, experience, and other factors are the best in the industry as well as best suited for your organization.


The global Outsourcing industry is highly customer intensive, which makes it open to constant change. Technology is reducing boundaries, which has reduced the reliance on outsourcing organisations. Regulations related to sharing of data and offshore jobs are also a matter of concern for the industry.

The key to maintaining a successful outsourcing business is smooth vendor management and operations management/services delivery. However, vendor management organisations are yet to shape up their processes, which in turn affects outsourcing service providers.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We have partnered with global BPO/KPO/ITES companies and successfully executed assignments for them. We are aware that you are seeking top professionals with in-depth knowledge of the outsourcing services scenario and the necessary skills to successfully navigate your organization through the ups and downs of the industry.

Professional services

Professional services offer the much needed support for all businesses. But as businesses evolve, professional services, including tax firms, consultancies and legal firms, have had to adapt along with them. The use of cloud computing, social media and new software has now improved the quality of professional services by leaps and bounds.

With better quality, comes more pressure to perform and professionals in this industry are constantly required to be on the cutting edge of technology as well as cope with blurring lines that separate sectors.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

Our consultants bring extensive experience across sectors, which prove invaluable in meeting needs specific to your organization and culture. We will assist you in identifying and selecting the best professionals with global consulting/advisory expertise in Financial/Business/Statutory Audit/ Business Consulting/Advisory, etc.

Real Estate

Global economic changes are dramatically reshaping the outlook of the real estate industry around the world. Urbanisation, technology and social changes are among the key factors that are driving the industry towards flux and profit at the same time.

The real estate industry is shedding its clichéd image and is now populated by talented, tech-savvy and highly educated professionals.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We are aware that with the changing face of the industry, the real estate sector is looking for strong leaders. We will ensure that you get to choose from the cream of the crop and that you make the right people decisions.


The retail industry has been undergoing huge shifts since the past few years because of the e-commerce boom. Today, brands are ramping up their sales channels and strengthening their online presence in addition to their brick-and-mortar stores. According to A T Kearney, “Sales increased more than 20 per cent worldwide in 2014 to almost $840 billion, as online retailers continued expanding to new geographies and physical retailers entered new markets through e-commerce.”

The challenge that this posits is the demand for a new crop of leaders who are marketers, salesmen, technologically adept and at the same time, classic managers. Executives who can play by the ear to go along with the fast-changing consumer trends and revise company strategy accordingly.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We know that apart from key competencies like sales and marketing and solid management skills, you will require people who have good exposure to modern trade and technologies, excellent educational background and a proven track record. We will help you engage with such professionals and ensure that you meet some of the most talented and sharp minded executives who can benefit your organization immensely.


The global semiconductor industry has been struggling to cope with pricing fluctuations, expensive product life cycles and strong competition. Being capital intensive, the need of the hour is to focus on costs, as agreed on by multiple researches and forecasts. The industry is now looking to reduce overhead costs, step up customer satisfaction and product profitability, and cut down supply chain expenses.

Understandably, the need for professionals experienced in value chain systems, vendor management, technical aspects, and operational structures is currently quite high.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We give you access to highly qualified executives who are technically sound, operationally experienced, and make great managers for your organization. We are aware that they should be able to make strategic investments as well as possess people skills since they will handle a diverse range of personnel, right from vendors to senior executives.


The telecommunications industry has been revolutionised with the advent of mobile technology and the Internet. There is high pressure from customers who demand that businesses need to be online at all times as businesses rely more and more heavily on telecommunications to get work done. It has been a catalyst to globalization and telecom companies are always looking to improve their infrastructure, network services, and technology.

For this, they require professionals who are business enablers across sectors. A telecom company requires strong, senior executives from marketing, sales, IT and finance, among others, to get ahead in the game.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We can help your organization get ahead by introducing you to the top professionals in all these sectors. You will need their experience, knowledge, and, presence in the company in order to motivate and build better teams. With our proven track record in this space, we are confident of having a successful and engaging relationship with you.


In order to achieve this, the sector needs superior talent to make insightful decisions and move in the right direction. The introduction and incorporation of new technology along with broader outlooks to tackle risk better are some of the important capabilities that the industry is looking for in executives.

For this, they require professionals who are business enablers across sectors. A telecom company requires strong, senior executives from marketing, sales, IT and finance, among others, to get ahead in the game.

What TLI Knowledge Offers:

We will help attract and retain leaders with the capabilities that you are looking for. We will engage deeply not only with you but also with the candidates in order to form a strong partnership for the future.




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