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Global organization’s success is the reflection of the right and bright executives’ performance

Board & CEO Services

One of the most crucial relationships in the corporate world is the one between CEO and Board members. There can be serious repercussions for a company if the two parties are not aligned strategically and attitudinally. Developing the understanding, effective communication, and alignment with the company are critical factors in ensuring that top management steer the company in the right direction.

The need for relatively young and dynamic, but experienced board members and CEOs is on the rise as organizations try lateral approaches for global growth. Earlier, Boards were more insular and did not share a peer-to-peer relationship with the CEO. However, that is changing with the Board and the CEO sharing equal footing and transparency on many grounds. The Board is emerging as an advisory partner for the CEO who, in turn, consults proactively with the former on the issues and challenges that the company is facing.

Why TLI Knowledge for Board & CEO Services?

TLI Knowledge offers unbridled support in the search for these critical people in your organization. We assign highly experienced consultants, well versed with international markets, and equipped with measurable success stories to partner with you in your quest.

TLI Knowledge has:

  • Best practices with a proven approach
  • Deep understanding of the industry and extensive business knowledge
  • Experienced global consultants
  • International market coverage
  • Measurable success stories
  • Successful in recommending 100+ nationalities
  • Expertise over 15+ industries
  • Experience across 10+ countries

Executive Search

In today’s fiercely competitive corporate world, only the most talented, sharp, and experienced executives can stand out. Your business needs individuals at the top level who are different and successful. That’s why we made Executive Search our primary specialty. We understand the importance of having powerful executives. Our consultants come from different walks of life and have in-depth experience of the sectors they specialize in, which makes it easier for you to partner with us.

Our services span a wide range of industries, functions, and geographies. We cover all aspects of each industry and ensure that you get personal attention for your assignment, which means we want to know as much as we can about your firm so that we can help find the ideal candidate for you. Also, our search for the ideal candidate is not limited by geography or market. Our coverage extends to the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

With our help, you can fortify the senior executive team with the right financial professional who can guide, strategize, and build a pipeline of targeted plans for your organization. Our expertise covers all aspects of the finance function apart from CFOs, including leaders in Controllership, GAAP, SOX, Risk & Compliance, Audit and Investor Relations, among others 

For more details on our Executive Search Services, please download our brochure.

Professional Recruitment

Talent is spread across the globe and relies to a great extent on head-hunters to decide what the next steps should be in terms of a career. Companies, on the other hand, look up to head-hunters, in many cases, to bring them the best professionals, capable of building long-term relationships, and building the organization. Also, with globalization, diversity, and ethnic inclusion have become prime factors in hiring, as companies make sure they have a multicultural environment that appeals to local and international markets.

Over the years, TLI Knowledge has built a reputation for quality and timely resolution of assignments. The world of headhunting and recruitment is constantly changing to meet the needs of traditional as well as newly evolving sectors, and we are ready to meet these requirements. Our business models incorporate new mediums of social media as well as technology, ensuring that our reach is wide, and we always remain accessible.

For more information about TLI’s Professional Recruitment Services, please download the brochure.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

There are a lot of reasons why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is undergoing a popularity facelift. Whether it’s reworking your organization structure or supplementing your in-house recruitment efforts, RPO is highly beneficial for your company as it saves time and effort in more ways than one.

Our RPO services are tailored to give you a competitive advantage, letting you focus on your core business. We engage with you closely to understand your requirements in its entirety, which includes the company culture, values, and skill sets. We will help your business achieve its goals, expand into new markets, and meet hiring targets with our recruitment solutions that are designed completely around you. We give you access to domestic and international candidates and we use our global network to bring you the best of multinational and domestic business.

For more information about TLI’s RPO model, please do connect with us at this email or phone number.

Volume Hiring

Volume hiring is a growing trend. Not only is it convenient for companies to hire personnel based on their immediate needs but it is also a relatively inexpensive solution. Companies from the Gulf countries, Singapore and other countries come to India, Philippines and Sri Lanka, among others, to hire professionals in more number in order to reduce costs. It also enables them to be ready with resources to meet the rising HR needs of global businesses.

TLI Knowledge recognizes the importance of volume/bulk hiring and we help you hire resources from across the world. We take care of all arrangements required in this process including details like assisting clients with setting up interview locations.

We are also flexible with our fees, as we are open to negotiating and working out a figure that will suit your budget as much as possible.

For more details, please touch base with us.

Startup HR Services

Taking the decision to start your own business/organization is a brave step. It also means a lot of expenditure. When you are looking to cut costs on all fronts without compromising on quality, it can be quite time consuming and difficult. Particularly, when it comes to hiring the right people within your budget.

We understand the pains of a start-up. That’s why we have cultivated special expertise in hiring professionals who can push your start-up to the next level of growth and expansion. We have experience with plenty of innovative start-ups across industries and we can tailor our skills to suit your needs. We are specialists in providing the right talent fit and we use the latest technologies, including social media to attract and retain professionals.

For more details about TLI’s Start-up services, please do connect with us on this email or phone number.

HR Research Practice

The ideal candidate is defined by multiple factors like personality, qualification, and skill sets. We recognize the difficulties and challenges involved in this sector, whether you are a HR person looking to hire for your organization or looking to advance in the field. That’s why we provide you with real time information and insights that allow you to have an overall view of the latest happenings in the sector. Our services include:

HR Intelligence/Feasibility Study

Our HR research and feasibility study enables you to take informed decisions, provides a strong case for market entry and outlines strategies for firms seeking to expand into unfamiliar markets. The study touches critical points like availability of resources, costs, hiring hurdles, and compatibility features.

Compensation and Benefits

If you are a candidate looking to make a mark in the HR industry, we will help you get a perspective. Our reports analyse and outline salary and benefits scenarios in more than 100 countries for over 15 industries. If you are a firm struggling with a high attrition rate or low performance, then this report will help you benchmark and reorganize your compensation and benefits. Implement initiatives and offer better salary structures with our customized solutions.

Employee Surveys

We also offer services for existing businesses that wish to understand the culture, policies, and employee experience better. Through phone surveys and research, we will help you comprehend your company better, which, in turn, can boost performance, and other intangible aspects.

For more information on TLI’s HR research services, please do connect with us on email and phone.

TLI Management Consulting

TLI’s range of services is meant to empower you, and optimize performance. Our expertise is targeted at enabling you to manage transformation, handle change, and learn techniques of advancement. We have two primary services that we offer:

Leadership Development Program

Managing is all about skillfully resolving issues, applying strategies effectively, and making sure that employees are happy. Our Leadership Development Program combines our management expertise with your corporate experience to create powerful and effective managers. We enhance the skills you already have, increase your adaptability, and change long term behavior patterns to better suit your organization. In addition, our program will also help you increase personal productivity, which in turn augments your organization’s growth.

Business Consulting

We engage with you to provide solutions to every challenge you face in business. With our knowledge we equip you to leverage changes for organizational growth, foresee opportunities, and achieve operational success. Our recommendations and solutions are based on deep experience, knowledge, and research. Try our customer insights, client management strategies, and change initiatives. We deliver business transformation solutions that you can use to pragmatically improve your organization’s productivity.


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